Thursday, December 14, 2006

A brief intro about Vvolunteers

This is the small group of people from North Karnataka, India. Dedicated to help Unprivileged And Needy people. This is our first step towards creating a small organization which will help the needy people irrespective of age/region/religion.

Members Name (In alphabetical order):
  1. Ajay Hiremath
  2. Amol Munase
  3. Asha Kamatagi
  4. Babita Gajare
  5. Bharat Boke
  6. Gangadhar Hubleppanavar
  7. Girish Hegade
  8. Jinachandra Agare
  9. Kanchan N
  10. Keerthiraj Patil
  11. Kiran N
  12. Kishore Bongale
  13. Mahesh Kotabagi
  14. Mamata Gajare
  15. Naresh
  16. Pallavi Agare(Khot)
  17. Prashant Singi
  18. Rajesh Gajare
  19. Ramesh Kale
  20. Ravi Kattimani
  21. Ravi Pamoji
  22. Sachin Ammannavar
  23. Sachin Pawar
  24. Sanghmitra Singi
  25. Santosh Patil
  26. Shashidhar Hubleppanavar
  27. Shivaprasad Kyathnatty


Satyadeep said...

Dear Girish

Guy u r a gem ultimate , would luv to get in touch with you for your blog and self less service
please mail me on my id ( and dowant to meet you all voulenteers at belgaum during my summer visit to India , though willbe in heck of schedule but suerly want to meet you buddy , i would like to add you on my blog site if you have no objection



Praveen said...

Hi Vvolunteers ,

I am a Belgaumite & have thoughts/plans of extending our helping hands to the needy and unprivileged. And more happy to see & hear you all involved in this great task.

Thus request you to please include me in your list of volunters & keep me updated of the on going activities.

Currentely I am involved in helping & donating for "Belgaum District Association for the Blind".

Contact details:

Thanks & regards,

shivapatil said...
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