Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cherishable memories of Vvolunteers


Our Noble journey started on Thursday, December 14, 2006


Dear Friends,

" A Journey of thousand miles must begin with a single step"
I am pleased to inform you all that, finally we are going to start a small helping hands, and hopefully in coming days it grows into an organization as a NGO, HELPING HANDS to the needy and unprivileged… [Keep fingers crossed J]

As we discussed earlier of forming an Organization, for the people who are really unable to afford the needs to lead their life.

Our Organization would be strongly built by collecting funds through team work. Each member is liable and willingly to donate according to her/his own interest. (It's your own interest of helping in any sort, that will be accepted, like your old Books, Clothes, etc). This collection of funds will be utilized in different forms like paying school fees for poor student, operation for the poor/unaffordable people and also these funds will be given to the Charity, to Blind School , Orphanage, Old Age Homes, etc.

It is precisely the reason we are calling you as to add about your planning and funds to the Organization. However, in any point of time we would clearly explain how our solutions work and how it will be helpful to poor people. Of course let me assure that you are free to add your thinking and valuable suggestions. We would be very glad enough. Besides what you have found in a grid, can also come up with related too.

In this journey of endeavor to success, be assuring that we would walk hand in hand and scale new heights of the Organization.
" A Ship Is Always Safe In The Shore But That Is Not It Is Built For "


Officially "Vvolunteers" name was chosen for NGO

Thursday, January 03, 2007

(Moderated group)

(Moderated group)

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