Monday, March 10, 2008

March month Team meeting on 09th Mar 2008

Dear All,

We had our monthly Team meeting on 09th Mar 2008.

  1. During this meeting we disussed following points,
  2. Asking for updates from each member about there assigned task status
  3. Suggestions
  4. Issues
  5. New task assigning

Here is a brief update on all the tasks which were assigned to Vvolunteers,

  1. First register our NGO officially - By this month's 16th we are registering our NGO
  2. Rural development work - Collecting information about one particular village like basic facilities like Transport, road, schools, water, sanitation awareness, spreading awareness about ISD, AIDS, Bird Flu etc - This year on Woman’s day Karnataka Govt has decided to start E-Mahile scheme to help Rural women. For more info see the URL
  3. We found one student who wants to seek JOC course in DWD so try to collect information about that student - Collecting more information about the same
  4. Plantation information like planting new trees around Ring road in Bangalore, identify one village in North Karnataka and do plantation there (Vanamahostava type) - We are contacting various Horticulture departments & private companies for free tree plantation & maintaining those trees.
  5. Contacting with BMTC officials for bus shelters in & around ring road - Contacted BMTC officialls, they told contact BBMP dept for further assistance, still under progress
  6. Collecting basics of Eye donation information (Contact info, Forms, Procedures), planning for conducting Eye donation camp also - Collected lots & lots information about Eye donation. Our Vvolunteers visited Narayana Netralaya for getting more information. Most of the Vvolnteers have filled the Eye donation form. But that is not all, only we have finished 1% of the task. We need to make sure that our Eye’s are donated to needy people only. Also we are planning to conduct Eye donation camp in North Karnataka
  7. Get more information about Deshpande foundation - Filled the application form sent by Deshpande Foundation, waiting for the reply from there side
  8. Collecting more information about people who needs helps like in cases of accidents (Blood donation, moneywise help etc) - Vvolunteers are actively collecting information from Radio, TV, News papers etc
  9. Getting more information about Belgaum, Hubli & Dwd for the current ongoing developmet projects, pending projects, promote IT companies to start investing in these areas. -Already started this task, we are maintaining one Blog to update daily news from Hubli-Dharwad & Belgaum please visit URL

New tasks takem up by the Vvolunteers,

  1. Visited Mahila Mattu Makkala Abhivrudhi sangh, Dharawad, collected information - Once the task is in progress will update you all.
  2. We will create our own website for updating all the information apart from our Blog.

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a.sathyavathi said...

Let us joitly work for the welfare of less and under previlaged.
am a corporate Trainer.
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